The Office of Campus Ministry welcomes you!

Photo of St. Joseph Chapel
St. Joseph Chapel in Berchmans Hall

Thank you for your interest in Campus Ministry.  The Office of Campus Ministry exists to deepen the spiritual life of the community, as well as promote a compassionate and critical response to the social challenges of our world.  Campus Ministry creates a space for all without regard for race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. In the spirit of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph, we “strive to unite neighbor with neighbor, and neighbor with God, without distinction.”  Whether you practice a particular faith, or no faith at all, you are welcome here.  We are here to support you in your journey.

Campus Ministry at Elms College offers a variety of programs that center on a deep concern for all and focus on development of the whole person in relation to God, self, and others.

We offer opportunities designed to engage both heart and mind, to be who it is that God calls us to be, to discover who we are becoming through service, spirituality, and community building. We provide experiences of faith formation, spiritual exploration, cultural awareness, and educational experiences that are reflective of the Elms College mission. We empower students to integrate the mission and core values of the college as they create community, advocate for justice, become involved in service to the “dear neighbor” and respond to the needs of the day. In short, we journey with each other, transforming into better versions of ourselves.

Campus Ministry has many programs offered throughout the year: Agape Latte, Soup and Substance, Interfaith luncheons, Campus Ministry Club, Bible study/meditation group, community service opportunities, and Founders’ Day and St. Joseph’s Day celebrations with the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Worship and Reflection

Looking for a quiet place for peaceful contemplation? While our chapel is closed for the fall semester, members of the college community are welcome to visit the chapel from the balcony on the 4th floor for quiet contemplation. Additional reflection areas include the Interfaith Reflection Room, the Reflecting Pond, the Mary statue, and the 9/11 Memorial Cross.

St. Joseph Chapel

St. Joseph Chapel, dedicated to our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph, is the heartbeat of the college campus and is located on the third floor of Berchmans Hall. The chapel is open each day from 8:30am – 8:30pm for private reflection. Weekend Mass is offered each Saturday at 5:45pm Community Mass is offered each Wednesday during the academic year at 12:15pm.

Interfaith Prayer Room

The interfaith prayer room, located in the lower level of the library, offers a quiet space for prayer and reflection.

Reflecting Pond

The reflecting pond was created in memory of a generous alumnae benefactor. The statue of Mary was relocated from the athletic field where she watched over many a game throughout the years. This area provides a quiet space to listen to the trickle of water, to view the burst of colors, and to sit and contemplate for a few minutes out of your busy day.

Statue of Mary

Statue of Mary in front of Berchmans Hall

On the front lawn of Elms College, facing toward the world with outstretched arms, is a Statue of Mary. Mary welcomes all and reminds us of our Catholic identity welcoming a diverse population committed to a holistic, global education.

9/11 Memorial Cross

The 9/11 cross was established in 2002 in remembrance of those who died in the events of September 11, 2001. The steel beams are duplicates of those used to build the Twin Towers. We gather each year to recall and reflect on the violence and terror that happened on 9/11 to pray for peace in our broken world.


The Office of Campus Ministry promotes spiritual well-being and growth by offering student retreat opportunities as a time away for reflection and renewal. All students of all backgrounds are welcome to participate.


The celebration of Mass is at the heart of our Catholic identity. Together as one, we gather to celebrate our faith. Liturgy lifts our hearts and minds to God. Strengthened and inspired by the Holy Word, and receiving Jesus in Eucharist, we are sent forth to “love and serve the dear neighbor.” The Liturgy actively reminds us that “as we pray, so we believe, and so we live.”  Weekend Mass is offered on Saturday evening at 5:45pm Community Mass is offered each Wednesday at 12:15pm during the academic year.

Daily readings can be found here.

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The Sacrament of Reconciliation may be scheduled by appointment by contacting Father Mark Stelzer at

Soup and Substance

The Soup and Substance series takes place twice per semester at a lunchtime meeting during which Elms College staff, students, and faculty are invited to share their spiritual journeys with their peers. This series, organized by Campus Ministry, has become a popular forum where the topics of faith and spirituality can be discussed in a safe, supportive and receptive environment.

Agape Latte

Agape Latte is a student-led program welcoming conversation on faith and life.  Held twice a semester, members of the Elms College Community share their personal narratives and invite students to reflect on their own life journeys. The event takes place in the café area in a casual, campus coffee house setting, complete with music, trivia, free t-shirts, prizes, and inspiration from our speakers!

Campus Ministry Club

The Campus Ministry Club meets throughout the year to plan events, engage in community service, sponsor food and supply drives, collaborate with campus partners, and to encourage all to respond to our “dear neighbor.” For more information or to join this club, contact Eileen Kirk


Come join our choir for music and friendship! We meet once a week for rehearsal with our choir director. Choir members perform at special liturgies during the year, at Agape Latte events, at the Christmas Tree lighting, and an end-of-year sing-along. We would love to meet you! For further information, please contact Campus Ministry at

Sacramental Formation


To schedule your wedding on the college campus, the bride and/or groom must be a member or alumna/nus of the Elms College community. To receive complete information on preparation and requirements for the sacrament of marriage at Elms College, please contact Father Mark Stelzer at

Connecting With Our Founders

Each year, the Elms College community celebrates our founding community, the Sisters of St. Joseph.  In the fall and spring, we gather for mass and lunch with local Sisters of St. Joseph.  Students and faculty/staff meet with local Sisters of St. Joseph for lively conversation and friendship.