A Message from the President

All of us in the Elms College community are called upon to build bridges.

By helping one student at a time, we are building bridges for an untold number of people—family members, students, patients, clients, friends, strangers—whom their education will benefit.

For students, we are building bridges between the liberal arts and their chosen profession so that they can be critical thinkers, excellent practitioners, and lifelong learners. We are building bridges across the dimension of the self— body, mind, and soul—so that they can be holistic human beings prepared for a life of human flourishing and for contributing to the common good.

We are building bridges with their fellow students in an inclusive atmosphere that cherishes the uniqueness that each person brings.

In keeping with our founding mission, we are building bridges from student-neighbor to student-neighbor and from student-neighbor to God, without distinction.

One student at a time, we are all called to build bridges for an untold number of people, for generations to come.  

Won’t you join us?

Harry E. Dumay, Ph.D., MBA

Harry E. Dumay, Ph.D., MBA

Regina Noonan Hitchery ’71
Campaign Co-Chair

Robert Bolduc
Campaign Co-Chair
(Former Trustee)

Martha Ryan Ross ’87
Alumni Committee Co-Chair

Rae Holland-Long ’65
Alumni Committee Co-Chair

Kathleen Kane
Family and Friends Committee
(Vice Chair of Board of Trustees)

Victor Woolridge
Family and Friends Committee

Paul Stelzer
Chair of the Board of Trustees

Mark Fulco
Chair of the Institutional
Advancement Trustee Committee

Bernadette Nowakowski ’89
Vice President of Institutional

Strategies for Success

WE ARE A SMALL, CATHOLIC, LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE with a big heart, a holistic approach, and commitment to excellence and personal character. We are academically and fiscally strong, with outstanding student success – and a loyal (and growing!) community of donors.

Today, we embark on our most ambitious endeavor ever: Building Bridges: The Campaign for Elms College.

The campaign fundraising goal is $20 Million.

BUILDING BRIDGES: The Campaign for Elms College will secure our strengths amid a changing landscape for higher education. Our strategy for success is focused on what we have come to call the “5Es”:

Excel in Academics
Center for Equity in Urban Education
• Global Health
• Center for Faculty Teaching Excellence
• Biomedical Sciences and Technology

Expand Experiential Learning
• Research Assistantships
• Service Learning
Study Abroad

Elevate Ethical Leadership
Center for Ethics, Religion and Culture
Ethics in the Curriculum

Engage Our Learning Community
Center for Student Success
• Living-learning communities
• Athletics
• Campus Ministry

Enhance Sustainability
Attract a Diverse Student Body
Increase Enrollment in All Segments
Expand Access and Affordability

Her Elms College STEM scholarship allows Johnnae Vernon ’24 to sustain a full-time academic load (and avoid heavy student debt), so she can begin her career in cybersecurity ASAP.

USAF veteran and military attorney Christopher Leavy ’22 decided at age 51 to pursue his dream of becoming a physician. Because Elms College welcomed this rare individual into its Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate Program, he is now enrolled in medical school.

Your campaign gift will help us build bridges for countless other students- each of them unique yet united in character, competence, and compassion.

Early donors have shown great support. Below are key highlights of transformational gift commitments in support of our endeavors:

  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Haiti Continuing Education Program
  • The St. Augustine Center for Ethics, Religion, and Culture
  • The Cynthia A. Lyons Center for Equity in Urban Education
  • The Dolores Donlin Noonan ‘39 Experiential Learning Program
  • The Sister Kathleen Kirley ‘66 School of Continuing Education
  • The D’Amour Center for Faculty Teaching Excellence
  • The Hope for Youth and Family Foundation Scholarships
  • The Sisters Kathleen Keating and Maxyne Schneider Experiential Learning Fund
  • The Sisters of St. Joseph Building Bridges Endowed Scholarship
  • The Deacon Joseph Gard and Rev. Mark Stelzer Faith and Spiritual Development Fund
  • The Edward and Marie O’Leary Endowed Scholarship
  • Gaylord Mansion renovation into the first Elms College Living-Learning, Community and Cultural Center
  • Blue House into The Missy Haddad Center for Writers

Now we invite you to make your own campaign gift. Together we will leverage the 5Es for the future of this unique institution.

Click the + on each of the five Institutional Priorities (5Es) listed below to learn more.

Excel in Academics

THE CORNERSTONE of our success is quality academic programs that are relevant to the marketplace and delivered with the flexibility demanded by undergraduate and graduate students alike. Elms College has demonstrable success in this regard with the degree completion programs at community college partners, post-baccalaureate pre-medical studies programs, and more recently with programs tailored to Western Massachusetts’ needs for a diverse pipeline of educators. With your support, Elms College will be recognized as a destination of choice locally, regionally, and, in some instances, nationally with campaign investment in programs, including:

Urban Education
Elms College is known for training teachers who are competent and caring, involve families in the learning process, and challenge all students to achieve their highest potential. We now seek to strengthen our education programs by developing a robust pipeline of diverse teachers and school leaders who are ready to thrive and excel in our local urban schools. Our goal is for the newly created Center for Equity in Urban Education to serve as a hub that would bring together the resources and partnerships needed to address the challenges inherent in Western Massachusetts’ public school systems head-on and possibly serve as a model for the nation.

Global Health
Launched in 1977, Elms College’s nursing program has a record of success in educating wellqualified nurses for Western Massachusetts. In 2014, we became only the fourth private college in the state to offer a Doctor of Nursing Practice program. We will leverage this track record of success in nursing and build on our connections in Haiti and Japan to offer our students the opportunity to experience healthcare delivery outside of the U.S.

Center for Faculty Teaching Excellence
Support an interdisciplinary team to continue to excel at teaching a core liberal arts education in the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Biomedical Sciences and Technology
Elms College has quietly gained a reputation as an institution that prepares students for a wide variety of medical careers through our undergraduate and post-baccalaureate premedical programs, as well as our master’s program in Biomedical Sciences. We have a first-rate advisory board helping us to envision how we might expand these programs to respond to the growing demand for well-trained professionals.

Expand Experiential Learning

THE MOST important achievement for any institution of higher learning is preparing students for what comes after college, whether it is gainful employment or graduate studies. Elms College does this through outstanding academic programs and, increasingly, by providing students with opportunities for experiential learning. These high-impact, hands-on learning activities allow students to put their classroom knowledge to work in authentic settings. With your support through the campaign, Elms College will ensure graduates are “real-world ready” by strengthening and expanding these offerings, such as:

The college aspires for every student to complete at least one internship during their four years to gain professional work experience and network with others in their chosen field. Data show that students who complete internships have significantly higher rates of graduation and earn higher salaries directly out of school than those who do not. Our goal is to incentivize these experiences by providing stipends to students undertaking unpaid internships.

Research Assistantships
Research assistantships engage undergraduate students in their studies while introducing them to possible career paths in science and research. Too many Elms students, however, can’t forgo income from part-time jobs to pursue unpaid research. Campaign support will provide funding for student research awards, launching the next generation of scientists, leaders, innovators, and educators.

Service Learning
An orientation to helping others is at the heart of the education that we offer at Elms. Structured service-learning opportunities— those that expand on academic lessons through volunteer placements—offer students invaluable experiences to deepen their learning while giving back. The college aims to develop service-learning opportunities for all students who desire them by teaming faculty up with our network of affiliated nonprofit organizations.

Study Abroad
Preparing for a global future is a vital part of today’s undergraduate experience. To make sure students are ready, we need to greatly expand their access to educational travel and research. International educational travel programs forever change students’ outlooks and heighten their understanding of the world around them. Through the campaign, we seek to establish scholarships to support students undertaking these lifechanging experiences.

Elevate Ethical Leadership

AS A CATHOLIC institution, Elms College strives to produce graduates who are recognized as principled, ethical leaders in their chosen fields of work. With campaign support, we will invest in our ethics curriculum by expanding offerings and developing inventive new programs, such as:

Center for Ethics, Religion, and Culture (CERC)
With the establishment of this new center, we will meet the growing demand from students who want to infuse their passion for ethics into their professional lives in business, healthcare, and other disciplines. CERC will also promote scholarly work in ethics produced by Elms College faculty in collaboration with students and allow us to meet our long-term objectives of founding a scholarly ethics journal and establishing an annual ethics conference to attract scholars from around the country and across the globe.

Ethics in the Curriculum
We will undertake a systematic review of the general core to ensure that all students receive a firm grounding in ethics. We will also work with faculty across the college to create discipline-specific ethics courses as needed. In addition, we plan to develop an undergraduate minor in Ethics, a graduate program in Bioethics, as well as a specialization in
Bioethics at the graduate level.

Engage Our Learning Community

THE HOLISTIC experience that Elms College students receive translates into an intangible factor that defines our graduates as Elms educated. It is not something that students acquire solely through classroom experiences or co-curricular activities. Our efforts to develop our students as whole persons— mind, body, and soul—and to have empathy outside of themselves is the result of a purposeful, engaged learning community. The campaign provides an opportunity to enhance this experience through the following initiatives:

Center for Student Success Located on the second floor of Alumnae Library, the Center for Student Success is a hub that brings together services students may need to excel academically— tutoring, academic advising, student accommodations, career services, and more. Through the campaign, we want to bolster the center in its efforts to identify students who need more support and ensure that they have what they need to achieve academic success based on their own goals and abilities.

Living-learning Communities These spaces represent one of the clearest manifestations that learning is not limited to the classroom. By bringing communities of students with a common passion and purpose to live, learn, and engage in extracurricular activities together, we foster bonds of learning and friendship that remain with students throughout their lives. Campaign support will strengthen current offerings and help establish additional living learning communities, based on student interest.

Undergraduate athletics is a vital recruiting tool. Nearly 20% of undergraduates participate in at least one of Elms College’s 17 NCAA Division III sports offerings. Campaign investment in equipment, programs, and facilities will enhance enrollment and retention, boost school spirit, and help student athletes develop mens sana in corpre sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body).

Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry invites students of all faiths to explore their spirituality and connect with the divine. This, more than any place else, is where we aspire to the ideal of uniting neighbor with neighbor and with God, without distinction. Campaign support will bolster our ongoing efforts to offer all students—who come from a variety of backgrounds— an invitation to reflection, prayer, and service.

Enhance Sustainability

ALUMNI, parents, and friends can support Elms College’s bold plan to double enrollment in 10 years. Campaign investment will make certain that students have the opportunity to learn in a diverse and vibrant community of fellow students and to ensure financial health for generations to come. We also need to expand our commitment to offering a top-rate Catholic education to those least likely to have access to it by providing robust financial aid.

Attract a Diverse Student Body Study after study shows that the diversity of a school directly contributes to the quality of the education it provides. In order to create a campus community with a wide array of talents, aptitudes, backgrounds, and experiences, we must enhance our efforts and expand outreach to attract students from all walks of life.

Increase Enrollment in All Segments
We must capitalize on opportunities to strengthen enrollment across the board. Campaign investment will help us do that by stabilizing our pool of full-time undergraduates, continuing to make gains in part-time undergraduates, broadening enrollment in our off-campus degree competition programs, and significantly enhancing our online offerings.

Expand Access and Affordability Offering a top-rate Catholic education to those least likely to access it requires that we significantly increase scholarship support. These critical additional resources will animate our commitment to truly deserving students who want the Elms College experience but do not have the means to afford it.

Together, through Building Bridges: The Campaign for Elms College, we will unleash the collective resolve, creativity, and determination of our community to fuel this unique institution for the next generation.

Your campaign gift will help us build bridges for countless other students- each of them unique yet united in character, competence, and compassion.

For more information please contact:

Bernadette Nowakowski ’89, ’08 M.A.L.A.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
nowakowskib@daiwan.net, 413-265-2214

Lynn Korza ‘88
Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Korzal@daiwan.net, 413-265-2454